We're the ghostwriters behind many business authors. Some, like pitch consultant Hamish McKenzie, are happy to share their experiences, while others keep us quietly in their corner. In June 2012, our ebook "Finding Karla" written by Paula Todd made headlines across Canada and become the #1 bestselling ebook on Kindle Singles. (At the time, The Globe and Mail declared it "Journalism's 14,000-word future.)
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“Business opportunities are hard to come by on a proactive basis these days. A book will get you in the door.”

White Papers

Whether they’re produced to help your audience secure industry accreditation or to educate your industry on emerging trends and technologies, whitepapers are an excellent way to establish your expertise. Our team can help build your thought-leadership by researching potential topic areas, writing in-depth analyses and packaging white-papers for accreditation by industry regulatory bodies and associations.
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Custom Publications

We tailor teams of editors and writers to produce custom editorial packages including magazines, free standing inserts and catalogues. We not only conduct editorial planning and produce compelling content, we can manage the entire process from assignment to deadline to distribution.
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Insight Studies

Using our investigative skills, our journalists dig deep to produce informative research studies on a variety of subjects. We’ll audit your competitors, interview key stakeholders and distill the results into an engaging report that enlightens readers.
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"Your researchers uncovered feedback our team never would have expected. They certainly know how to ask the right questions and get informative answers."


Whether you have a TED Talk or an important sales pitch in your future, our writer team includes many skilled speech writers who have helped business and political leaders with keynotes, sales decks and e-learning modules. We will outline, write speaking notes and can even package your presentation so you make a lasting first impression.
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Case Studies

A critical part of the sales process is demonstrating your expertise through specific examples. Then why are case studies so often so generic? Our team can conduct post-mortem interviews with your clients and generate case studies that help you stand out in your field.
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Feeding minds

Insights on good content