1. The point of content marketing isn’t to add to the clutter — it’s to educate and inform your audience about what makes you a thought-leader.

In Put Some Thought Into Being a Thought Leader, Erin explains how to reinforce your own expertise (without content sharing!).


If the content is engaging enough, your audience is going to read it and remember the media outlet that wrote it, not the brand that shared it.

2. Writing content when your story is highly technical may not be easy, but that shouldn’t make reading it hard.

If you feel like your business is tough to explain, read David’s article, Getting technical with your content? The key is to show respect. It’s a good reinforcement that if your brand is filling a need, your brand story is one worth reading.


3. Embracing conflict is crucial to keeping your readers compelled by your brand storyline and invested in how it will unfold.

In Why Conflict Fuels Every Brand Story Marla Hurov explores how bringing dramatic conflict to life animates a brand’s purpose.


Embracing conflict is crucial to keeping consumers compelled by the storyline and invested in how it will unfold. Your brand can then shine through the resolution.

4. Artificial intelligence is affecting nearly every industry – from manufacturing to retail to professional services.

Regardless of whether you consider them friend or foe, the bots are creating a brave new marketing world. Will automation and AI hinder or help creative content generation? Read Erin’s article, Here come the bots!, to see what it means for content creators.