As business professionals, many of us face a real conundrum when it comes to telling our stories. On the one hand, we believe we have a distinctive offering and want the world to know about it; on the other, the idea of churning out breezy, derivative content to jack up our SEO numbers makes us queasy. I had to grapple with this question recently when I pivoted in my career and switched from full-time journalist to ghostwriter. Virtually everything I read and heard from marketing experts hammered home the message that nobody reads anymore. My content had to be zippy, to the point, tip-focused, keyword-jammed, broken up with subheads and feature a clickbaity title, preferably one beginning with the words, “Five Easy Ways To…” There was only one problem: whenever I consume a listicle or any content you can inhale in the time it takes to blow your nose (I used those verbs deliberately. I don’t consider the experience reading), I never think “wow, what’s this brand? I hav